A Tower Defense game where your towers cannot attack enemies.

You instead control a character that can build towers and push them onto enemies to squash them.


WASD / Arrow keys to move

Space / B / Enter to select a level or build a tower

R to restart level

ESC to quit level

Submitted for the 2018 GTMK jam.

Do not attempt to build a rudimentary engine by hand during a 48 hour jam. Turned out fine apart from the lack of audio, was great fun but also took way too long.


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I've uploaded an updated version here!

Changes include:

  • controls work in IE and Edge
  • 2 more levels and small adjustments to some levels
  • higher frame rate (attempts to use screen refresh rate) rather than fixed 20 FPS, should make it feel more responsive
  • fixed a bug where an incorrect level could be loaded after winning or losing a level